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Upper Valley Events - 4/19

Open Mic!
4/19 @ 5:45PM  - The Anonymous Coffee House
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Springtime Spectacular
4/19 @ 6PM
4/20 @ 5PM
Allen St, Hanover, NH
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Sewing Machine Essentials
4/20 @ 10AM  - Craftstudies Studio & School
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Save Energy; Save Money
4/24 @ 6:30PM  -Blake Memorial Library
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Taste of Spring
4/27 @ 4PM  - Claremont Opera House
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Taylor Swift Karaoke
4/27 @ 8PM  - SNAX
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Pound Auction
5/3 @ 6PM  - WRJ United Methodist Church
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Arbor Day Tree & Shrub Sale
5/4 @ 9AM  - Hartford Town Hall
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City Center Ballet 25th
5/4 @ 7PM  - Lebanon Opera House
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Pottery Class
5/11 @ 11:30AM  - Harpoon Brewery
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2024 Home Trends
Are jewel tones still popular? Is vintage decor still in? As you give your home that new-year refresh, consider these trend predictions from the home editors at BHG. We took inspiration from the viral 'ins and outs' social media trend—which involves users listing things they want to do more or less of in 2024—and came up with our own forecast for decor trends.
Whether you're looking for a new bathroom paint color or considering a flooring update with the latest materials, consider these predictions from the BHG editors' industry knowledge, along with insights from designers, professionals, and other experts in the home space.

In: Grandma’s Hand-Me-Downs
Out: Always Buying New Of-the-Moment Decor
With trends constantly evolving, it's easy to feel pressure to buy new items. This year, we're focusing on finding pieces we love rather than keeping up with what the latest social media fad. And the first places we're looking? Vintage stores, thrift shops, and Grandma's basement. Then use our best tips for scoring secondhand decor to create a unique aesthetic that feels like you.
And if vintage style isn't your thing, you can still embrace salvaged decor. Give unused furniture pieces a modern makeover or reupholster outdated dining room chairs rather than tossing them out in favor of a brand-new set.

In: Walls and Doors
Out: Open Floor Plans
An open floor plan was once the most sought-after element for homebuyers, but designers say they're on their way out. If you've considered adding a wall or sliding barn door to break up your floor plan a bit more, consider this your sign to go for it.
Of course, you don't have to completely remodel your space if you already have an existing open-concept layout. Instead, look for ways to differentiate your spaces. Add a large dining room rug to provide a visual break between the dining space and kitchen, or arrange your living room furniture in a way that clearly defines the boundaries of the area.

In: Blues and Browns
Out: Jewel Tones
More than half of the 2024 colors of the year are shades of blue, so it's safe to say you'll be seeing hues of navy, sapphire, and haint blue everywhere. But another shade we're embracing this season is brown. It's been one of the most popular rising color trends for the past few months, so we're predicting you'll see plenty of sophisticated chocolate-brown shades on walls, fabrics, and decor this year.
This means the bright and bold jewel tones of the early 2020s are slowly moving out of popularity, making way for a moodier, more polished aesthetic. Embrace trends like cafécore (as seen in Pinterest Predicts 2024 report) and the jazz aesthetic, which both utilize deep warm tones for a modern yet refined look.

In: Curved Furniture
Out: Geometric Patterns + Sharp Edges
Say goodbye to square tables and stark geometric patterns. This year, we're embracing the curved furniture trend that Zillow experts have been raving about since 2022. Circular coffee tables, rounded chairs, and circular furniture arrangements all facilitate a soft, comfortable, and relaxed environment you'll look forward to spending time in.
This trend is easy to implement in living spaces (we're partial to our round swivel chair), but it's not just limited to rooms with plush furniture. Curvy kitchens are a top 2024 design trend, with circular light fixtures, curved kitchen islands, and rounded barstools finishing the look.

In: Cozy Living Spaces
Out: Perfectly Curated Living Spaces You Can’t Relax In
Your home is not a museum, and therefore does not need to look like one. Of course, we try to stay on top of our weekly tidying-up checklist, but we're no longer interested in perfectly manicured living spaces that aren't conducive to lounging. Instead, we're embracing comfortable furniture and cozy textures for a living space that's easy to relax in. If new furniture isn't in your budget, warm up your space with a cozy paint color or add soft texture with a throw blanket or pillow.

In: Mixed Design Styles
Out: All Matching Everything
As you refresh your home this year, don't limit yourself to one single design style. You'll likely be naturally drawn to pieces that fit loosely within a design category, but don't be afraid to branch out as you find items you love, even if they don't necessarily 'go together.'
This year, we're moving away from a matchy-matchy design style. If your home leans more traditional, don't be afraid to add a midcentury-inspired accent piece. Or, embrace the colorful minimalism trend to combine a clean aesthetic with simple pops of bright color. As you decorate with colors, patterns, and furniture you love, you'll develop your own eclectic look.

In: Mudrooms and Utility Rooms
Out: Elaborate Home Office Setups
As employees begin to spend more time in the office, the need for at-home workspaces has dwindled. Even for those who work remotely, the post-pandemic years have shown us what we truly need (or don't need) to be productive at home. According to experts at 1st Dibbs and Houzz, homeowners are moving away from elaborate home office setups and utilizing space and budget for utility spaces instead. Another reason for this is that these spaces often benefit all members of the household—not just those who work from inside the home. Whether you opt for a hardworking laundry room or functional mudroom space, these spaces are primed for a facelift this year.


Carrot Coffee Cake - Credit: PinchOfYum - Find the Recipe HERE!


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