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Looking to Sell Your

Why Work With Us

Real estate transactions require tasks to be executed thoroughly, systematically, and in a timely manner, in order for any transaction to close successfully.  This “To-Do” list comes with a great deal of responsibility and it can be or become overwhelming. Kate & Co. has a true passion for taking on that responsibility.  You will receive genuine, quality support as we guide you through this life changing experience. We will work tirelessly for you to ensure that the  process is an exciting and positive experience for you!

What We Do For YOU

● Conduct showings in your most convenient time slots 

● Offer advice and guidance to help stay on track with your expectations in selling your home 

● Keep the communication between us fresh and present 

● Negotiate offers 

● Escrow accounting 

● Coordinate inspection

● Negotiate inspection 

○ Offer solutions for issues that arise 

○ Provide referrals to local, trustworthy professional 

● Assist with choosing your closing attorney 

● Set up appraisal and discuss any issues that arise (if any)

● Manage financing and other deadlines 

● Coordinate closing 

○ Order final water and sewer readings 

○ Send out last minute account reminders 

● Coordinate the final walkthrough 

● Resolve any last minute issues 

● Polish any last minute details 


● We are your agents for life, so after closing and for the many years to come, if you need us, you have us!

Our team covers Upper Valley Vermont and New Hampshire, and will travel about a 30-miles radius from Lebanon, NH.

Snow Forest Road
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